Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Project 0

Due Date: Sunday, 27 January

Mailing List Subscription

The first part of this project requires you to subscribe to the mailing list for this course. Keep in mind that you are responsible for being familiar with any information exchanged on this mailing list.

Linux Account Verification

The second part of this project requires you to verify that your departmental Linux account works. (If you are a new student, you should have received email about your account.) This account is separate from your Loyola account and will allow you to use the lab machines. If you have any problems with your Linux account, please contact our lab manager right away.

Software Installation/Verification

The third part of this project requires you to install and try out the course software. You are encouraged to discuss any issues you encounter in the mailing list for this course.

Verification of Access to Course Examples

Following these instructions, access the repository for the course examples. Then check out (download) the HelloWorld module and run the unit test contained therein.

Creation of Personal CVS Repository

Log into your Linux account and create your repository following the first step in these instructions. We will use Eclipse for the other steps as described in this tutorial.

Group Formation

The last part of this project requires you to form a project work group with exactly one other fellow student. That is, the groups should be of size two. The groups should stay the same throughout the semester. Once you have formed your group, please send me email containing a list of both group members.
Certain projects assigned in this course might be designated as group projects, for which there will be one submission and consequently one grade per group.


No submission is required for this project.

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